Off the Wall Social Media Management is owned by Raylene Wall, a Civil Engineer-turned-entrepreneur, and Jeff Wall, also a (former) Civil Engineer and minister. Together, in business and in life as husband and wife, Jeff and Raylene make a great Social Media Management team.


Raylene Wall - Off the Wall Social Media LethbridgeRaylene is passionate about your online presence!

Raylene is a powerful writer, and is experienced in the social media world with her own blog, It’s OK to be WEIRD, as well as writing targeted articles for promotion of businesses online since 2007. She teaches on social media basics for business regularly with the Execuserv Plus Inc. Self-Employment Program, as well as hosting various training events throughout the year.

Not only is Raylene digitally-connected, but she also has extensive education & experience in the areas of Technical Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, WordPress Website Customization, Content Creation, and Online Community Curation. She fully understands and works on a daily basis with the importance of proper keywords, anchor text links, activating influencers, creating brand communities, and brand protection. Because of these skills, Raylene is a key social influencer in this fast growing industry.

She is a creative thinker and a go-getter.  She enjoys trying new things and is a life-long learner.  An encourager by nature, Raylene loves to help people to reach their goals and dreams, and to learn to be themselves along the way. She is known for bringing a unique perspective to the projects she tackles.


Jeff WallJeff is a networker and is often out in the community putting together the right connections to get all kinds of work done. With a passion for resourcing and enabling people and organizations to work together for a greater good, Jeff is a natural leader and mentor. He is a visionary, and he sees the huge potential that social media has for connecting people together and making a difference in the world.

Jeff is the one that you’ll usually see talking to people about their social media needs while he’s out and about in the community.  Jeff is no stranger to computers, technology and the internet. He’s great at helping businesses and organizations to pinpoint their purpose and needs, whether with social media or most any other aspect of their operations.


Raylene and Jeff enjoy spending time with their 3 gorgeous kiddos.  They love to travel and play all kinds of games together.  Raylene is also a Zentangler©, quilter and a singer, and she loves to plan elaborate themed birthday parties for her children.  When she can find the time, Raylene likes to read, participate in theatre (drama), blow bubbles in the wind, and take evening walks in the green spaces throughout Lethbridge. Jeff is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish and just be outside enjoying the world. He is also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. In his spare time, Jeff likes to tinker with things, cheer for the Vancouver Canucks, and he’ll play just about any sport he’s invited to.



Off the Wall Social Media Management has been a leader in social media in Southern Alberta since 2011.  Off the Wall Social Media provides a range of options for full-service coordination and management of social media profiles, website maintenance, and community engagement to promote your business online.

We take your online presence very seriously, as a natural extension of your business. We operate within industry best practices, and provide only consulting and advice that complies with Terms of Use for the platforms or systems employed. At Off the Wall Social Media, we do our best to build your presence with integrity, honesty, and authenticity.  Ethical use of social media and the social web is paramount to protecting your business, online and offline.



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