Why is Facebook saying I LIKE things that I didn’t like?

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I didn’t like that, but Facebook says I did!

In the last 2 days I’ve been notified several times by friends that Facebook seems to be liking things for them, things that they themselves did not like, post, or even see.


Facebook says I’ve been liking a lot of different articles, and I just want to say that I’m not the one liking these things. [Some of] These articles are sexual in nature, and there are some other ones about re-incarnation and other stuff.




There have been several postings indicating that [my son] and [your daughter] liked things like this: How having sex activities can improve your health. [My son] did not post or clicked like. I don’t think [your daughter] did either. Do you now how to fix this?




I haven’t seen these specific things mentioned, myself, but they are likely being caused by 3rd party apps that those accounts are connected to through Facebook. These apps include quiz sites, “What’s my personality type?” site, etc…

If this is the case, the fix for it is to remove those apps from your Facebook account.

Here’s how you do that!


Remove Unwanted Apps from your Facebook Account

DESKTOP version

1) While logged in to Facebook, view Facebook Account Settings by clicking the DOWN arrow in the top right corner, and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

View Facebook personal account Settings


2) Click “Apps” in the settings menu on the left:

View Facebook Apps

Once in the Apps screen you can see all the Apps connected to your account. You can also see what each App has permission to do (post for you publicly, post just to your friends, not post at all, etc.).


3) Hover over an app to see the option to remove it. REMOVE all unwanted/unknown apps connected to your account by clicking the X on the right side of each one. This will log you out of the apps and remove their ability to post on your behalf.

Logout of apps connected through Facebook


MOBILE Version:

1) While logged in to the Facebook App on your mobile device, tap the “More” icon in the bottom menu bar. Scroll down through all the options and then tap “Settings”.

Visit Settings on your Facebook mobile app


2) Another menu will appear. Tap “Account Settings”.

visit account settings on Facebook App


3) Scroll down through all of the Account Settings to find and tap “Apps”.

view the apps connected to Facebook


4) On the Apps screen, tap the “Logged in with Facebook” button to see which apps are connected.

(Also of note on this screen is the “Apps others use” option. You may choose to disable this option as well, since this allows your friends to share information about you with some applications.)

View apps logged in with Facebook


5) From the listing of Apps, you can see which apps are “Sharing with Public”, “Sharing with Friends”, etc… Select the App you want to remove by tapping on it.

Choose the connected app to remove


6) Once you’ve selected an App, you can see everything that the App has permission to do. Scroll down to the very bottom of the App page and tap “Remove App”.  (If you have reason to suspect an App of malicious activity, you may also choose to “Report App”.)

Remove the connected Facebook app


Avoid connecting Apps to your Facebook Account

Anything that requires you to “Log in with Facebook”, whether for a quiz, a funny status generator, etc., is connecting to your account.

This means that it not only pulls your information into their application, but it can share your FRIENDS’ information with their application, too.  That’s how it can show you things like “Who is your zombie apocalypse team?” with photos of your friends!

These quizzes and such seem like a lot of fun, but you’re giving them access to a lot of information, and this can be detrimental. In the case described above, one or more of these apps seems to be liking questionable content, hoping to encourage your friends to click over to that link. Worst case scenario, the app COULD use your information for much more malicious intent.

It is fairly easy to avoid getting apps connected to your Facebook Account. If you’re asked to “Log in with Facebook”, Don’t Do It! Just navigate away and do something else. No, you won’t know how long you’re likely to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but your Facebook account and your friends’ Facebook accounts will be more safe and secure.


When in doubt – Change Your Password

It’s always a good idea, whenever you see weird stuff happening on your Facebook account (or any social media account), to change your password. It may not help if you’ve already granted an app permission to use your data, but it can stop other kinds of hackers. When in doubt, change your password!


NOW, what do you do when an app has LIKED things for you and you want to REMOVE those likes? Check out the next post How to Delete those LIKES you didn’t really like.


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