“Verify your Google Business Listing” phone calls – PROBABLY FAKE

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press 1I just got a phone call from Texas, which began with a recorded message:

“Please press 1 to verify your Google Business Listing. Press 7 to be removed from the verification services.”


I thought to myself, “Well, that’s interesting, seeing that:

  • my Google Business Listing is already verified.
  • And it’s not connected to this number.
  • And Google doesn’t call you to verify – you have to call them…”

So I pressed 1 to see what this was about.


After a few rings, I think it was “Tim” who picked up, and said,

Hello, thank you for holding, this is Tim. Can I start your verification process with your first name, please?

ME:  “Hi Tim. I’m interested to find out why Google is calling me, because I work with Google Business listings, and Google has never called me or my clients before.”

Tim: *pause* Yes, well… We are not Google. We are a data verification service that helps businesses to be sure their listings on Google are properly verified.

ME: “Oh, I see. Well, Tim, I am a social media manager and I help businesses to set up their Google listings, so I’m pretty familiar with the process. We verify our own listings, as well as our clients’, so I think we’re OK here.”


ME: “Tim?”



I’m not sure at which point Tim hung up on me, but he was very definitely gone before I finished my last sentence.


To be fair, I never did gave him my first name, though…


Are they calling to verify your Google Business Listing?

I recently had a new client come to work with me.  She told me that she had also received SEVERAL of these calls, from different locations and different phone numbers, asking to verify her Google listing. She’d always chosen to talk to someone (pressing 1) like I did, and each time she was given a sales pitch rather than actually getting her listing verified.

She was frustrated, to say the least, because her Google listing wasn’t verified yet, and she really did want to verify it. Obviously these people weren’t going to do that for her.


Here’s the scoop on these “Verify your Google Business Listing” calls:

  • Google will NOT call you to verify your Google My Business listing.
  • REPEAT: Google will not call you!
  • Verification is done via snail mail
    • you receive a postcard with a verification number that you must supply when YOU CALL GOOGLE‘s special verification line.
  • These businesses calling you are NOT from Google. They sure do make it sound like they are with Google to someone who just catches the beginning of their calls.

I’m not 100% sure who they are, but they seem to be marketing / sales agencies trying to get unwitting business owners to sign up for some kind of extra service.

Before you waste your time talking to a person on these calls, if given the option, chose to be removed from the call list. Even doing this will not remove you from all the call lists, but it might help (and will hopefully keep the same caller from calling back again).

If you do talk to a person, you might ask them the name of their company. I’d like to know what they say. But be sure to tell them that you don’t need a verification service – that you’ll deal with Google directly.

Register and Verify your Google My Business Listing

You can register your own business at www.google.ca/mybusiness. There are several steps to go through that are pretty self-explanatory. Once your info is submitted, Google sends you a postcard in the mail to complete the verification. You deal only with Google – no other service is needed.

Google Accounts Setup by Off the Wall Social

Off the Wall Social Media - setup accounts and verify your Google business listingIf you’re unsure of the Google My Business process, or uncomfortable with making sure all the details are correct, this IS something that we do on a regular basis. The reason we help businesses with this is two-fold:

  • So that the business listing includes the best possible information and images to ensure a great listing on Google, with optimum placement and search-ability.
  • We monitor the process from start to finish to make sure everything is consistent, and completed in a timely manner.

We also set up the Google+ page, and can set up your YouTube channel for your business at the same time, since YouTube is connected to your Google account.

If you need help with setting up your Google Business Listing, Google+ Page, or YouTube accounts, Off the Wall Social can definitely assist you. You can give us a call anytime or send us a message here on the website. We aren’t calling around Lethbridge to find people who aren’t listed or verified on Google… sorry about that!  #sorrynotsorry

However, we ARE happy to help you get set up and verified on Google if you need our assistance!


Maybe the sales guys from Texas are calling you to do the same thing. I’m not really sure. They just aren’t very up-front about their intentions, and that makes me extra cautious. 


  • I want to know – have you received these kinds of calls to “Verify your Google Business Listing”? What was your experience? Is your business registered on Google?  ~ Raylene

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