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You have an important location to promote your website, and you’re probably not using it.  Where is it?

On your LinkedIn Profile.


In my experience, many people DO have their website listed on their LinkedIn Contact Info. It usually looks like this:

Website listing on LinkedIn Personal Contact Info

On the other hand, the website listing in my LinkedIn Personal Contact Info looks like this:

Raylene Wall - websites on LinkedIn

I much prefer to use my branding whenever I can, and a listing like this says a lot more about my website than “Company Website” does. It’s a very simple way to highlight my website, make it stand out a little from the generic labels, while still providing a clear link to my site.

You can alter your LinkedIn Personal Contact Info to list your website by name in the same way.


How to Highlight Your Website on Your LinkedIn Profile

1) After logging into LinkedIn, hover your cursor over the “Profile” tab  at the top of the page, and click “Edit Profile” in the drop down options.

Edit LinkedIn Profile

[Alternatively, if you are already on your Profile, you can select “Edit” under your profile introduction.]

Edit LinkedIn Profile from Profile Screen


2) Click the “Edit Contact Info” link (right below your number of connections).

Edit Contact Info Link


3) Then click the Pencil icon beside the Websites to open the editing options.

Edit website listing on LinkedIn


4) Click the website description box in the first column. Options here include: Choose…, Personal Website, Company Website, etc…

Click “Other:” as the website description.  By making this selection for the type of website you wish to list, you will then have the option to specify the actual name of your website.

Options to describe your website on LinkedIn


5) Enter the name of your website, your business, or other applicable name to describe your website, and the website address (including http:// ), in the areas provided.

You can do this for each of your websites. Then click “Save“.

Use the name of your website


[Note: you are only allowed 30 characters for your website name/description.]

Now your website will be listed by the name you chose for it, rather than just “Personal Website”.


6) When you are finished editing the information, be sure to click the “Done editing” button up near your profile photo.

Done Editing Personal LinkedIn Profile



This simple change to the website listing on your LinkedIn Profile can increase the visibility of your brand and encourage more visitors to your websites.


What do you think?

Are you more likely to click a generically labeled “Company Website” link, or a customized website link that highlights the company’s name?


Need help optimizing your LinkedIn Profile or getting all of your social media profiles linked together properly? Contact Off the Wall Social Media for more info on how we can assist you with all of your social media needs!

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