How to Delete those LIKES you didn’t really Like

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There have been some 3rd party apps LIKING things for people on Facebook. Lots of those LIKES are on inappropriate or questionable content. I’ve been unable as of yet to pinpoint exactly how this particular instance is occurring. You can remove 3rd party apps from your Facebook Account (click to see my previous post) and this may stop future absent-liking from occurring.


But what do you do with the LIKES that were already clicked on your behalf?


Delete LIKES from things you don’t really like


1) While logged into Facebook, visit your own profile page, and click “View Activity Log” which appears in the bottom right corner of your large cover photo, right above the 2nd column of Facebook content.

View Facebook Activity Log


2) In the Activity Log, click “Likes” in the left side menu to filter the activity to only the items your account has liked.  Then click the pencil icon on the right side of the questionable like to Edit it.

Filter and Edit LIKES in Activity Log


3) After clicking the Edit button (pencil icon), click “Unlike”. The post is now unliked and should no longer appear in your activity log.

UNLIKE liked post from Activity Log


MOBILE Version

1) While logged in to the Facebook App on your mobile device, tap the “More” icon in the bottom menu bar. Scroll down through all the options and then tap “Settings”.

View facebook account settings on mobile


2) Another menu will appear. Tap “Activity Log”.

View Activity Log on Facebook mobile


3) If you’re just interested in unliking something, you’ll want to filter the Activity Log to show just Likes.  Tap “Filter”.

Filter Facebook Activity Log mobile


4) In the Activity Log Options, tap “Likes” to filter the activity.

Filter Activity Log for LIKES Facebook mobile


5) The Activity Log will refresh and show only the LIKES that have been liked by your account. To remove a LIKE, tap the arrow beside the Like and tap “Unlike”.  The post is now unliked and should no longer appear in your activity log.

Viewing and Editing Likes in Activity Log - Facebook Mobile


Until the phantom LIKES get stopped at least you can edit and unlike them.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of how this particular Liking thing is working, and stop it from liking things you don’t really want to like. In the meantime, this is how you can remove anything that you haven’t liked! I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.


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