Internet Arguments – Good or Bad for Business? Part 1

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Internet Arguments – Good or Bad for Business?  Part 1


someone is wrong on the internet - internet argumentsSomeone on the internet is wrong.

And someone else won’t be content until the wrong is righted.


You’ve seen these disagreements on Facebook, in forums, on blogs, … pretty much anywhere online.  They can get very heated, and go on and on and on. Disagreements turn into discussions turn into arguments. Some of them can be downright hostile, even to the point of name-calling and bullying.

Usually, the internet arguments are between two or more people, individuals.  That’s bad enough.

Even worse, though, is when business owners and brand voices jump into the fray.


Are internet arguments good for your business?


Some businesses default to the old adage “All press is good press.”  So getting involved, as your business, in an argument online could certainly increase the visibility of your business.

The question here becomes:

Is this the kind of exposure you would choose for your business?


Some business owners, managers, and leaders feel like their personal conversations are separate from their professional affiliations.  So, entering into a public debate on your own Facebook account or under your own name in an online forum would be strictly personal with no reflection on your business.

The question here becomes:

Do the viewers of this online interaction make the same distinction between personal and professional, so that this doesn’t negatively impact your business?


Personally-ProfessionallyWhether we like it or not, the internet (i.e., the general public viewing your content on the web) holds business owners and leaders to a higher standard.  They usually do not disconnect your personal activities from your professional activities.  The personal interactions most definitely reflect on your professional reputation (and vice versa).  Personal online activities can have a huge impact on your overall business image.

Because of this public scrutiny, being involved in internet arguments, personally or as your brand, is bad for your business.


What do you think? Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Are internet arguments that happen surrounding your brand good or bad for your business?  Let’s have a look at that in another post, Part 2 of the Internet Arguments Series.

How can our business avoid being involved in internet arguments? We’ll discuss that in Part 3 of this Series.


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