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Facebook seems to be cracking down on Businesses using PROFILES – and removing those profiles!

Business Facebook Profiles RemovedI have received several reports about Facebook Profiles belonging to local Lethbridge Businesses being shut down.

YES – real Lethbridge business Facebook profiles REMOVED!

According to the Facebook Terms of Service (which we all agree to when we sign up to use the social network), only PEOPLE can have PROFILES. BUSINESSES must be represented by a PAGE.

It is well within Facebook’s rights, according to the Terms of Service and Community Standards, to remove (without notice) any Business operating as a Profile.

Why was my facebook profile removed - business profile

One reason Facebook has made this distinction is that PEOPLE have different rights and laws governing them than BUSINESSES do.  Additionally, PROFILES have functionality on Facebook that PAGES do not, and by prohibiting businesses from using all of that functionality it protects users from spam and unsolicited contact from businesses.

So, if you’re a PERSON, you are meant to have a PROFILE on Facebook. If you want your BUSINESS to have a presence on Facebook, using a PAGE is the correct way to do it.

Unfortunately, not everybody was/is aware of the differences between profiles and pages, and many Businesses were set up improperly as PROFILES.

If you find yourself in one of the following situations, don’t fret! Off the Wall Social Media has you covered!


My Business was set up on Facebook as a PROFILE. I don’t want to have it removed! NOW WHAT?

convert Facebook Profile to Page  - Off the Wall Social MediaFacebook does have a process for converting a PROFILE to a PAGE.  All of the FRIENDS on the Profile are converted to LIKES on the Page. If you’ve set a custom URL for the Profile, that can often also be retained for the Page.  The conversion process erases all posts and photos, etc., from the Profile.

Off the Wall Social Media has helped many businesses with this conversion. We backup all of your information before conversion and can provide that info for you, and even update much of that content onto your new page for you.  (User comments and interactions cannot be replicated.)


My Business has a PROFILE and a PAGE on Facebook. Should I delete the Profile? Or should I delete the Page? Or what?

There’s no need to delete the Profile OR the Page.  Facebook allows for converting the Profile to a Page and then MERGING the two business pages.

convert Facebook profile to page and merge 2 pages - Off the Wall Social

Off the Wall Social Media has helped businesses walk through the process of getting things ‘right’ with Facebook!

One Page (usually the smaller or less active page) is merged into the other MAIN Page. Any LIKES from the MERGING Page, not already liking the MAIN Page, will be added to the MAIN Page. The custom URL of the MAIN Page is maintained.

According to Facebook Help:

Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content such as posts, photos and the username will be permanently deleted from the Page with fewer likes. Content on the Page with more likes will remain unchanged, except for the addition of likes and check-ins that were merged from the Page with fewer likes.

In our experience, we’re usually able to choose WHICH of the Pages (and that Page’s content) we want to KEEP.  We backup both pages before merging, and provide you with the content from the deleted page. We can even update your new MAIN page with much of that content as well. (User comments and interactions cannot be replicated.)


Don’t lose your Facebook followers and content because your Business has a Profile. Let Off the Wall Social Media help!

Before your Business loses its valuable following (ALL THOSE FRIENDS!!) and content (EVERY thing you’ve ever posted!) by having an improperly set-up PROFILE, contact Off the Wall Social Media to convert the PROFILE to a PAGE!!  If you have a PROFILE and a PAGE for your biz, we’ll convert the profile and merge the pages, too! 

Need some more incentive to convert your PROFILE to a PAGE? Here are 4 more reasons!


Contact us for a quote today! Conversion rates start at just $99!


Off the Wall Social Media – 403-394-4127

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