Are you really a professional on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 200 million members.

LinkedIn connect - professionals onlyAre you a professional?

If yes, you would be wise to have a profile on LinkedIn.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn already?

If yes, awesome. If no, you should set one up (or if you need help, let us know)!

If you already have a profile on LinkedIn, or if you are setting up your profile, consider these questions about your account:

  • Is your name capitalized properly?
  • Do you have a photo – a professional photo – as your profile image?
  • Is your “Summary” interesting?
  • Is your work experience information complete?
  • Have you listed your skills, awards, etc? (In other words, is your profile REALLY complete?)
  • What is the aim you have in mind when making connections?

You’ll find many articles online about how to set-up your LinkedIn Profile, and I quickly list these questions just to give you something to think about.

Your name and your photo are the first things people see. Use them to make a good impression!  Personally, I very rarely connect with people who haven’t taken the time to load a photo on their profile. A snapshot at least! But it’s much better to represent yourself with a professional photo of yourself as an individual.  It’s also extremely unprofessional to not have proper capitalization on your name or the names of your employers / businesses.  (These are kind of pet peeves of mine – did you notice? LOL!)

Also, take the time to fill out your profile completely. Your “Summary” can be more than the “Objectives” statement often included on a resumé. This space can be a mini-commercial or an opportunity to really highlight you, and speak to your goals in relation to your activity on LinkedIn. Be professional, but don’t be boring!

5000 LinkedIn ConnectionsIn addition, consider your connections carefully. What is the reason you are making those connections?  There is a guy who claims to be the “Most Connected Man on LinkedIn” with over 5000 connections. Everyone who follows him on Twitter gets an invitation to connect with him on LinkedIn… does he KNOW all those people? Doubtful. He is making connections so he can be the most connected. That’s OK, if that’s your aim. Is that helpful for your own personal and professional goals on LinkedIn?

Again, my own personal preference is to only connect with people who I REALLY have some connection to. I may not have met them in real life, but somewhere along the way, I have actually “connected” with all of my LinkedIn contacts.  I protect those connections since it’s really easy for people online to misrepresent their sphere of influence due to perceived connections to certain individuals – the proverbial “name dropping” on an internet level. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me, and I don’t do that to others. For me, it’s a matter of integrity and professionalism. (If I know you, and you know me, connect with me for sure! Raylene Wall on LinkedIn)

These are just some quick thoughts on truly being a professional on the world’s largest professional network. Just having a profile on LinkedIn doesn’t make you a professional.  Believe me, those looking at your profile can tell! It’s a professional network, so be a professional!!

What is your most unprofessional LinkedIn pet peeve?

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