Looking for Free Stock Photos for Social Media?

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Awesome images can help to increase engagement on social media and on your website.

But where does one find stock photos to use LEGALLY?


Please do not just do a Google image search and use the images you find there. Even if it’s ‘just’ a quote image, SOMEONE made it, and the copyright belongs to that person. Using it without their permission constitutes copyright infringement.

We have a few sources of free stock photos we like to use.


Canva.com is an excellent online graphics creation program.  It’s free to use for a personal account, and there is a large assortment of free images available to incorporate into your graphics.  There are also images and elements that cost just $1 each. I find their isolated images, such as a vase of flowers with no background, to be worth a lot more than $1 in my design process, so I’m quite happy to purchase those whenever I need them.

ISO Republic

ISORepublic.com has a really nice collection of photos that are free to use, without attribution or royalties. They do have premium photo packs as well.


StockSnap.io is a library of high resolution images, with hundreds more added weekly. Their images are free from copyright restrictions.


StockVault.net is a free stock photo community where photographers & artists can share their own photos and artwork with people from all over the world. The nice thing about StockVault is that they offer thousands of pictures and illustrations, and the categories are wide ranging: people, animals, buildings and street photography, beautiful landscapes, plant & flower photos, objects from computers & electronics to food images and jewelry photos.

StockVault also has a large collection of free textures ranging from grunge, dirt, paint, rock, plastic, wood and liquid to metallic & rusty surfaces and backgrounds. These can be especially nice to use when you’re creating quotes graphics and don’t need a photo.

You know how we like walls around here, right? Here’s an example of StockVault’s textures: Free Bricks and Mortar Textures pack.

StockVault Old Bricks and Mortar textures


HootSuite Recommendations

A while back, HootSuite also wrote an article where they shared some of their favourite stock photo sites: 20 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Social Media Images.

Paying for Good Stock Photos

We’re happy to pay for the rights to use images, as well. Whether graphics, illustrations, or photographs, there is an artist, photographer, or creator behind those images, and we like to support their work whenever we can! We like to work with local photographers and graphic artists. We can get some images for free, but good photos are worth paying for!

Your sources for stock images

These are just a few sources we use for stock images. Where do you get your stock photography or other graphics that you use online?


This is just a quick list of a few sources we use. No compensation is received for any of these shares. 🙂

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