Reflections on “Social in the South 2012” #sitschat

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I was privileged to be a part of the inaugural social media conference for Southern Alberta – Social in the South 2012.

In a preliminary survey of people in Southern Alberta who might be interested in attending a conference on Social Media, a large percentage of respondents classified their social media knowledge/experience at the Novice level (“I’m not sure what to do”) or below (Beginner, or No Experience).

Based on that information, it was apparent to the conference planners that this group of people would need some basic information to be able to receive full value out of a social media conference. A workshop outlining the basics of Social Media, held in advance of the conference, could be extremely helpful in this regard.

That’s the part I got to add to this conference – the Pre-Conference Social Media Basics for Business Workshop.  Not an easy task, especially with varying levels of social media knowledge in the room! But I was definitely up for the challenge.

I’ve got to say that the peeps in the room on the night of my workshop were amazing. It was awesome to be able to meet people who I follow on Twitter in real life. It was also spectacular to see brand new twitter accounts opened right in front of me during the workshop. My hope was that everyone in the room, regardless of their social media knowledge, would walk away with some helpful and useful information.

Maybe the most FUN of the whole event was the live Twitter stream (#sitschat) being shared on a screen in the conference room. We all tweeted nuggets from the presenters, and had some lively banter between the participants.

Over the course of the whole conference, I met so many great people, from Lethbridge, Calgary, and even Edmonton. My fellow speakers – Ernest Barbaric, Rod Leland, Kelaine Devine, Tony Johansen, and Darren Hailes – were very gracious and knowledgable,  and provided fantastic information.

With a full workshop on Wednesday night for the Pre-Conference, and over 100 people in attendance for the Conference itself, I think the inaugural Social in the South was a big success. Thank you to the planners for the opportunity to participate. It was a great experience!

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