#RIPLinkedIn? NOPE! LinkedIn is not dead!

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At the beginning of the month, a post on LinkedIn, about LinkedIn, garnered a lot of attention.

RIPLinkedIn - Alex Bleiberg

I know I am not alone in noticing the decline in integrity on LinkedIn. It went from being a great professional networking site, to people posting things that belong on Facebook, people attempting to use it as a dating site, and then people who want to connect just so they can send you an immediate sales pitch…etc.

Alex Bleiberg, RIPLinkedIn


To date, Alex’s post has received 11930 likes and 1458 comments.


Is LinkedIn Dead?

Admittedly, I can see where Alex is coming from.

I have noticed that I have to take more time now than I previously did to skim through the ‘noise’ of my newsfeed to find the good stuff.

I think I know why that is the case.

I am aware that lots of users just jumped in to LinkedIn, without understanding the culture of the network, and have used it in ways it wasn’t intended. They (wrongfully) thought it was “like Facebook, but for business connections”.  So they used it like Facebook, probably without making the distinction between business and PROFESSIONAL activities.


LinkedIn has changed

Even though “lots” of LinkedIn users are not using the platform the way it was intended,  I’m still finding that my connections are sharing fabulous articles and information.

The longer I use LinkedIn the more I like it, in spite of the noise.  I guess I’m evolving with the platform.

I don’t think LinkedIn is dead.

Maybe our ideal LinkedIn experience is ‘dead’, as it’s just not possible anymore due the ways in which a large number of users have mis-used the platform, perhaps unwittingly. Those changes have modified the overall culture of the network.


Taking Back LinkedIn

Unfortunately, we may not be able to undo the changes, but maybe we can take back the platform, so to speak, through education and our own activities.

For example, I do not engage or interact with any of the junky stuff I see in my activity feed.  I pretty much ignore anything that doesn’t fit on the platform, thereby (hopefully) not encouraging those kinds of activities.

I usually only connect with people I really know or have done some kind of business with.  Even if I know ‘of’ you, but haven’t directly connected with you in some meaningful way, I won’t accept your connection request. I also tend not to accept connections from people who I know to be using LinkedIn in non-professional ways.  This ensures the integrity of my network.

I think of it like curating a community on LinkedIn, rather than just making as many connections as possible. If I have a quality network of people connected to me, what I see in my home feed is probably going to be quality activity.


LinkedIn is Not Dead

Because of the changes we’ve seen in the platform, I have learned to use LinkedIn differently than I did when I first started on the network.  This isn’t different than any other social network I use, actually. They are all always evolving and changing, just like the people who make up the communities on those platforms are changing.

RIPLinkedIn - NOPE!RIPLinkedIn? NOPE.

I don’t for a second believe that the platform is dead. Changed, yes, but not dead!



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