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I see the power of social media working every day, because that’s what I do – help businesses to put social media to work – so I’m always watching to see HOW it’s working. The truth is, if you are actively engaging in a meaningful way on any of the various social media outlets, it WILL work to increase the visibility of you and your business, which in turn will hopefully lead to more clients and customers and sales!

I really like it when I find good local examples of social media at work. I often find such examples on Twitter.  The Twitter community here in Lethbridge seems to be pretty supportive and very interactive. And that community is growing every day!

The most recent example of social media working for the benefit of an organization happened just today!  It started with Lethbridge Habitat for Humanity sharing a tweet:

That tweet was re-tweeted by just ONE other user, @KirksTireLtd, to begin with. Within half an hour, 11 more visits were recorded at Habitat’s website. That may not seem like a lot to you, but EVERY visit counts, and these 3 visits OVER the previous record were a HUGE encouragement to Habitat!


This is a simple example of social media being put to work in a very basic way, and it illustrates, in a small way, the power that it can have.

An active Twitter community, such as the one growing in Lethbridge, engaging with one another in meaningful ways has resulted in MANY of these types of positive and beneficial interactions. I’ll be publishing a few of these kinds of examples every now and then, because I LOVE spreading positive press, and I LOVE watching social media in action!

If you’re on Twitter, tune in to #Lethbridge and #YQL searches (or a joint #Lethbridge or #YQL search) to join the conversation. (YQL is the Lethbridge airport code letters, and YQL often used as an abbreviation for the longer Lethbridge, which takes up TOO many precious characters in our limited-space tweets. Oh, and it’s just faster to type, too!) The location specific searches will give you results that look something like this screenshot, taken this evening:

Screenshot of #Lethbridge OR #YQL search on Twitter - May 10

Or you can see live results for that specific Twitter search in the Hootsuite widget on my right-hand sidebar ——————–>

With a search like this, you can chime in on the conversation, share relevant information, and keep up with what’s happening all around Lethbridge! You’ll be able to see how Twitter is working for individuals AND businesses, and have fun along the way! Follow us – OffTheWallSM – on twitter, too, and watch for future updates about Social Media at Work in Lethbridge!

1 Comment

  • Hi Raylene,
    just saw this article today, thanks for the encouragement, I definitely see a difference in our website hits after tweeting, especially if we get a RT from someone with a lot more followers than we have!

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