Lethbridge Clinic Incorporates Twitter into Reception

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A local Lethbridge medical clinic is employing Twitter as a tool to reduce waiting room times.

In a move indicative of the popularity of social media in everyday life, Family Medical Centre in Lethbridge has implemented a system using Twitter to communicate with walk-in clinic patients.  Each patient receives a number when they check in with reception.  Then, rather than having to wait in the waiting room of the clinic during the walk-in hours, clients can receive notification of number progression by following the clinic on Twitter.

I discovered this cool new system recently when I noticed the Family Medical Centre Twitter account @FMC_Lethbridge posting tweets consisting of a single number.

FMC_Lethbridge Tweets

Upon investigation, I found out that they weren’t just being annoying (LOL!) but that the Clinic is using Twitter in an innovative and helpful way that I hadn’t seen before. 

The Clinic has done a great job of detailing how to use Twitter to find out when your turn with the doctor is coming up. They have clearly stated how their whole system works, including instructions for those unfamiliar with Twitter. You can find the information on their website (http://www.familymedicalcentre.net/), or receive a hard copy in the clinic.

Shout Out to Family Medical Centre in Lethbridge for keeping up with the times and using social media to improve their services!

Have you seen Twitter being used in similarly innovative ways? I’d love to hear about it!

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