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Examples of Contests that Comply with Facebook Guidelines

May 30, 2013   //   by Raylene   //   Facebook  //  Comments Off on Examples of Contests that Comply with Facebook Guidelines

Facebook has very specific promotional guidelines about how contests and giveaways can be conducted from their site.  I have written before about why I think it’s OK for Facebook to have promotional guidelines for contests, and I have given examples of contests that violate Facebook guidelines.

Let’s look at a few examples of contests that comply with Facebook guidelines.

Note: since contests that are administered properly are not usually accessible after the contest period is over, I’m using screenshots to illustrate a few of them – the links to these contests may or may NOT be functional depending on the contest availability.


FINISH Canada – finish Ultimate Challenge contest

LIKE-Gated Contest App - FINISH

This contest is currently being hosted by FINISH Canada (until May 31, 2013). What is RIGHT about this contest? Read more >>

Facebook LIKES from Contests May Not Be Good For Your Page

Mar 14, 2013   //   by Raylene   //   Facebook, Social Media for Business  //  3 Comments

I just wanted to update you on the Facebook Page that got shut down that I told you about yesterday.

A bit more discussion regarding this specific page being shut down leads me to believe that the issue may be much bigger.

real people onlyIt appears that when Facebook starts clearing out what it has identified ‘fake’ or ‘spam’ accounts, if your page has been liked by many of those accounts, they may assume that you’ve obtained those LIKES by some underhanded method, even if YOU handled everything properly on your end.

For big contest bloggers, or for large-scale contest promotions, this could be a huge issue. Read more >>

Why I Think It’s OK for Facebook to Have Contest Guidelines

Mar 13, 2013   //   by Raylene   //   Facebook, Social Media for Business  //  2 Comments

Businesses with Facebook Pages and general users alike experience frustration when having to adjust their practices to meet Facebook guidelines, especially their Promotional Guidelines.  Specifically where contests are concerned for example – Facebook can be used to promote but not to conduct any kind of contest. This really bugs some people, and some business pages have been shut down for lack of compliance.

I like Facebook Contest GuidelinesI’ve heard the argument that the guidelines are unfair, ridiculous, etc… Regardless of our opinion, we DO, in fact, agree to the Terms of Service.

If it was just about giving away stuff, that would be one thing. If it’s about non-compliance with Terms of Service that EVERY Page Administrator has to agree to when creating a page, and the terms which we ALL agree to when we sign up to use Facebook, then that’s a different thing. The Terms govern how the site is to be used, for our enjoyment, safety and privacy. It doesn’t matter if we like the rules – we are bound to the terms of the network we join.

I believe there are also some legal implications beyond Facebook guidelines. I’m not a lawyer, or a contest specialist, and I don’t know all the details about these things, but I do have enough experience to realize that there’s often more going on than what we see on the surface. Read more >>

Examples of Contests that Violate Facebook Terms

Mar 13, 2013   //   by Raylene   //   Facebook, Social Media for Business  //  3 Comments

We see many contests DAILY that violate Facebook Promotional Guidelines.

LIKE USAll of these examples, when posted directly on your Facebook Wall (as a status update, etc.), requiring Facebook’s functionality (likes for votes, comments for entries, etc.) constitute Direct (and improper) use of Facebook for contests:

  • Enter to win (whatever prize) by answering this question in the comments:
  • To Enter: ‘Like” MY Facebook Page, “Share” this image! and “Comment” telling us why you want to win!
  • We’re giving away “whatever prize”.  1) Make sure you like (or are currently liking) our page.  2) SHARE this photo! Winner will be announced Friday at 5pm!
  • Let us know who you think should win!  In a comment below, tell us who you think deserves to win! (Leave a little note about WHY they should win).  THEN come back and LIKE your favourite comment.  The comment that receives the most likes will be our winner!

I could do this all day! I see examples of ‘illegal’ contests all the time EVERY day. Read more >>

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