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Jun 30, 2012   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook  //  2 Comments

We’re just learning about the new Facebook e-mail address feature, but I put together a quick video to let you know some of the details we ARE aware of: how e-mail address works, and how you can change the privacy settings for that e-mail and other e-mail addresses on your profile. Check out the video!


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Continuing Education – Mari Smith Facebook Course Completed

May 5, 2012   //   by Raylene   //   Achievements, Blog, Facebook  //  Comments Off on Continuing Education – Mari Smith Facebook Course Completed

Yes, I’m going to take a minute to toot my own horn!

I just completed an intensive 8-module course and certification in Extreme Fanbase Growth for Facebook with Mari Smith.

Extreme Fanbase Growth Facebook Training Course Certificate of Completion

Mari Smith has been named by Forbes as one of the Top Ten Influencers in Social Media. She was amazing to learn from and to be truly supported by, every step of the way. She’s a Facebook guru who really knows her stuff, but she’s very real and personable and down to earth. A GREAT trainer with a passion for what she’s doing!

OH, and I passed the Final Exam with 100%!!

Certificate of Completion - EFG Facebook Course Extreme Fanbase Growth - Exam

“EFG Facebook Course Extreme Fanbase Growth – Exam Scored: 100 out of 100”

Don’t you want an expert on your team?

Or how about a Facebook rockstar, at least?

Mari's Facebook Rockstar Tweet
@MariSmith@OffTheWallSM Wow wow wow 100%?!! I’m SO proud of you Raylene – what a rockstar Facebooker you are!”

AW, I’m blushing! It’s not every day I get called a “rockstar Facebooker” by Mari!

This course with Mari was amazing, and I learned so much! When you get to complete such fantastic continuing educational opportunities with the gurus who are as knowledgeable and as much fun as Mari, it really is a pleasure! GREAT training, SO much learned, and I’m SUPER excited about where it all goes from here!

Remember: We GET to Use Facebook for FREE!

May 4, 2012   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook  //  1 Comment

Programs and Platforms abound in the internet world, from WordPress, Photobucket, Twitter, Online forums, to anything you see in a webpage anywhere on the internet. All of those programs have to LIVE somewhere, and they live on servers, special computers made to hold the programs that run the webpages. We say they are “hosted on servers”.

facebook is freeFacebook is a membership type website, with 901 million monthly users worldwide, and we are all able to join for FREE! Facebook, like any other website, is a running program, hosted on a server somewhere (several servers, to be exact). Basic Facebook USE is free, but there are guidelines around how the service is to be used. It’s important to remember: people and businesses use Facebook, but we don’t own it, operate it, or maintain it. It takes a certain amount of technical infrastructure behind the scenes to run all the things that make Facebook function as we see it on the screen – storage space, bandwidth on the internet connections, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t know one iota about.

a basic internet diagram

What I do know is that with 900 million users, there has to be a TON of stuff happening behind the scenes with Facebook that we can’t see, just to keep the website from crashing. Take those 900 million users and add all the pages that they represent, plus all the developers with their various applications. The amount of storage alone for all of that is astronomical, without the other details.


What you see may not mean what you think it means – Facebook Public Stats

Apr 25, 2012   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook  //  6 Comments

A nasty thing that happens around the internet is buying likes or follows. It’s never a good idea to buy likes or follows, in my opinion. Doing so falsely inflates your audience, and leaves you with a disconnected group of people, leading to very little genuine and useful interaction or engagement.

This conversation goes through the social media channels from time to time, and there’s a specific conversation I wanted to address. Some bloggers are being accused of buying their likes and being fakes, based on publicly available Facebook statistics.

From the blog post starting the conversation:

…when you see [in the LIKES tab of the Facebook page’s statistics] cities outside of the US are the most popular for a blogger, it kind of lets you know that they bought their likes. Like an Atlanta Blogger whose top city is Colombo, Sri Lanka. Oh Colombo, Sri Lanka is another top liking place for a big Canadian blogger!…

I always wondered how one of these bloggers got so big so quickly! And now I know!! She bought them!

…it needs to be shown that people are not honest with their blog stats. Maybe they are doing this to get more opportunities, or just to appear to be one of the big names out there. Blogging is a competitive area, and some have worked hard to get their traffic and stats up the natural way, some just want to take the easy way.

Now you have a way to know, unless you know a blogger is an International Superstar, if they are buying their likes or not.

Likes Tab on a Facebook Page - shows how many LIKES a page has. If you click this tab, you can see a few statistics about the Page.

Likes Tab on a Facebook Page - shows how many LIKES a page has. If you click this tab, you can see a few statistics about the Page.

Unless of course, they are being honest, not buying their likes, and they really are actual International Superstars! Which is possible! There’s simply no way to tell from the “Most Popular City”!

The “Most Popular City” statistic referenced in the post is “the city where most of the people talking about this page are from”, and that is one of the statistics publicly available on every Facebook page. If you click the “LIKES” tab, you’ll be able to see a few statistics about the Page, including “Most Popular City”. Read more >>

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