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Top 3 Things My Hedgehog Taught Me about Instagram

Apr 4, 2014   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Instagram  //  Comments Off on Top 3 Things My Hedgehog Taught Me about Instagram

What does a hedgehog have to do with Instagram?

My family bought me a hedgehog for my birthday last year. Yes, a REAL live hedgehog.

I named her Mignonne – which is French for “cute”.

Mignonne the HedgehogAnd since she’s my pet, she had to get her own social media accounts and website.

Because of course she did!

Mignonne the Hedgehog Facebook Page – done.
MignonneHeggie Twitter account – done.
Those were easy. No brainers. Hmmm….. what else?

As is the case with many new pet owners, I snapped HUNDREDS of photos of Mignonne. I mean, she is THE CUTEST HEDGEHOG in the world, right?

PHOTOS = Instagram!

Great! Mignonne could have an Instagram account.  MignonneTheHedgehog. Except, I had only dabbled in Instagram. I would have a lot to learn…

I took the opportunity to share Mignonne’s cuteness with the world via the fastest-growing social network ever, and navigate the ins and outs of Instagram in the process.  I figured that what I lacked in expertise, Mignonne would make up for with cuteness, and any of my possible learning-curve flubs would be forgiven in the light of her adorableness.

Cute she is, so post we did. I learned a few things on the way, while Mignonne got lots of treats for being a (not so) patient subject.


Top 3 Things My Hedgehog Taught Me about Instagram

1) Informal Instagram Communities are Amazing.


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