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#RIPLinkedIn? NOPE! LinkedIn is not dead!

Jun 15, 2016   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, LinkedIn  //  Comments Off on #RIPLinkedIn? NOPE! LinkedIn is not dead!


At the beginning of the month, a post on LinkedIn, about LinkedIn, garnered a lot of attention.

RIPLinkedIn - Alex Bleiberg

I know I am not alone in noticing the decline in integrity on LinkedIn. It went from being a great professional networking site, to people posting things that belong on Facebook, people attempting to use it as a dating site, and then people who want to connect just so they can send you an immediate sales pitch…etc.

Alex Bleiberg, RIPLinkedIn


To date, Alex’s post has received 11930 likes and 1458 comments.


Is LinkedIn Dead?

Admittedly, I can see where Alex is coming from. Read more >>

Highlight Your Website on Your LinkedIn Profile

May 16, 2014   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, LinkedIn  //  Comments Off on Highlight Your Website on Your LinkedIn Profile

You have an important location to promote your website, and you’re probably not using it.  Where is it?

On your LinkedIn Profile.


In my experience, many people DO have their website listed on their LinkedIn Contact Info. It usually looks like this:

Website listing on LinkedIn Personal Contact Info

On the other hand, the website listing in my LinkedIn Personal Contact Info looks like this:

Raylene Wall - websites on LinkedIn

I much prefer to use my branding whenever I can, and a listing like this says a lot more about my website than “Company Website” does. It’s a very simple way to highlight my website, make it stand out a little from the generic labels, while still providing a clear link to my site.

You can alter your LinkedIn Personal Contact Info to list your website by name in the same way.


How to Highlight Your Website on Your LinkedIn Profile

1) After logging into LinkedIn, hover your cursor over the “Profile” tab  at the top of the page, and click “Edit Profile” in the drop down options.

Edit LinkedIn Profile

[Alternatively, if you are already on your Profile, you can select “Edit” under your profile introduction.] Read more >>

Are you really a professional on LinkedIn?

Jul 22, 2013   //   by Raylene   //   LinkedIn  //  Comments Off on Are you really a professional on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 200 million members.

LinkedIn connect - professionals onlyAre you a professional?

If yes, you would be wise to have a profile on LinkedIn.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn already?

If yes, awesome. If no, you should set one up (or if you need help, let us know)!

If you already have a profile on LinkedIn, or if you are setting up your profile, consider these questions about your account:

  • Is your name capitalized properly?
  • Do you have a photo – a professional photo – as your profile image?
  • Is your “Summary” interesting?
  • Is your work experience information complete?
  • Have you listed your skills, awards, etc? (In other words, is your profile REALLY complete?)
  • What is the aim you have in mind when making connections?

You’ll find many articles online about how to set-up your LinkedIn Profile, and I quickly list these questions just to give you something to think about. Read more >>

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