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115 Cool Social Media Facts [Infographic]

Nov 18, 2016   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Personal Social Media, Social Media for Business  //  Comments Off on 115 Cool Social Media Facts [Infographic]

Did you know that:

58% of adults use facebook

58% of adults use Facebook?

8796 snapchats posted every second

8,796 Snapchats are posted every second?

59% of Instagram users log on every day

59% of Instagram users log on every day?


Check out these fabulous stats and more in this extensive 115 Must Know Facts about Social Media infographic by Skilled.

115 facts about social media


Social media is very much a part of our everyday life and business. The timeline and statistics on this infographic point to how online and offline worlds are no longer separate – we’re a fully integrated internet society.

Thanks to Skilled for the stats and the huge social media facts infographic!

How to Delete those LIKES you didn’t really Like

Feb 19, 2016   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook, Personal Social Media  //  Comments Off on How to Delete those LIKES you didn’t really Like

There have been some 3rd party apps LIKING things for people on Facebook. Lots of those LIKES are on inappropriate or questionable content. I’ve been unable as of yet to pinpoint exactly how this particular instance is occurring. You can remove 3rd party apps from your Facebook Account (click to see my previous post) and this may stop future absent-liking from occurring.


But what do you do with the LIKES that were already clicked on your behalf?


Delete LIKES from things you don’t really like


1) While logged into Facebook, visit your own profile page, and click “View Activity Log” which appears in the bottom right corner of your large cover photo, right above the 2nd column of Facebook content.

View Facebook Activity Log


2) In the Activity Log, click “Likes” in the left side menu to filter the activity to only the items your account has liked.  Then click the pencil icon on the right side of the questionable like to Edit it.

Filter and Edit LIKES in Activity Log


3) After clicking the Edit button (pencil icon), click “Unlike”. The post is now unliked and should no longer appear in your activity log.

UNLIKE liked post from Activity Log


Why is Facebook saying I LIKE things that I didn’t like?

Feb 19, 2016   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook, Personal Social Media  //  Comments Off on Why is Facebook saying I LIKE things that I didn’t like?

I didn’t like that, but Facebook says I did!

In the last 2 days I’ve been notified several times by friends that Facebook seems to be liking things for them, things that they themselves did not like, post, or even see.


Facebook says I’ve been liking a lot of different articles, and I just want to say that I’m not the one liking these things. [Some of] These articles are sexual in nature, and there are some other ones about re-incarnation and other stuff.




There have been several postings indicating that [my son] and [your daughter] liked things like this: How having sex activities can improve your health. [My son] did not post or clicked like. I don’t think [your daughter] did either. Do you now how to fix this?




I haven’t seen these specific things mentioned, myself, but they are likely being caused by 3rd party apps that those accounts are connected to through Facebook. These apps include quiz sites, “What’s my personality type?” site, etc…

If this is the case, the fix for it is to remove those apps from your Facebook account.

Here’s how you do that!


Remove Unwanted Apps from your Facebook Account

DESKTOP version

1) While logged in to Facebook, view Facebook Account Settings by clicking the DOWN arrow in the top right corner, and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

View Facebook personal account Settings


2) Click “Apps” in the settings menu on the left:

View Facebook Apps

Once in the Apps screen you can see all the Apps connected to your account. You can also see what each App has permission to do (post for you publicly, post just to your friends, not post at all, etc.).


3) Hover over an app to see the option to remove it. REMOVE all unwanted/unknown apps connected to your account by clicking the X on the right side of each one. This will log you out of the apps and remove their ability to post on your behalf.

Logout of apps connected through Facebook



I can’t message someone on Facebook

Sep 9, 2015   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook, Personal Social Media  //  Comments Off on I can’t message someone on Facebook

In an older post – Why can’t people send me messages on Facebook? – we first dove into this issue.

Facebook messaging settings have changed a bit since that post, so the fix we discussed before doesn’t always apply.  (DANG!) We’ve had a lot of requests for the new solution.  This is not an official “Facebook fix” but seems to remedy the issue for most Facebook users.


There’s no Message option for who I want to contact on Facebook

Most frequently, this issue comes up when someone tries to message a non-friend, usually in Buy & Swap or other Sales type groups on Facebook.

Facebook User 1 needs to message Facebook User 2 for some reason, but User 1 and User 2 aren’t friends.  The “Message” icon isn’t available when User 1 tries to message User 2, so User 1 can not directly contact User 2 via Facebook Messages.

Message icon button on Facebook

Desktop Version (This is what it looks like when the Message icon/button IS visible)

facebook Message icon - mobile

Mobile Version (Message icon/button visible)


Facebook User 2 may not have it set up to receive messages from people who aren’t their friends, or friends of their friends. Facebook User 1 can’t fix the issue.  Facebook User 2 must change a setting to receive messages from non-friends.

This setting is actually found in a weird place – in the “Followers” settings, rather than the Privacy settings (where you might expect it to be).


No Message Button – Option 1:  If the person you are trying to message does not have the Message option available to you, they will need to message you first, and then you can reply. (Their message may show up in your “OTHER” mailbox rather than directly in your Inbox.)  Presumably, you are conversing with them in a comment thread or other public venue so you can relay this information to them via a comment.

No Message Button – Option 2:  If the person you are trying to message does not have the Message option available to you, they will need to change a setting in their account in order to receive public messages.  (You can let them know how to do this, or simply share the link to this article – I can’t message someone on Facebook – with them! 🙂 )


Change the “Followers” setting to receive messages from everyone on Facebook

DESKTOP:  To change the setting, if you’re accessing Facebook from a computer/desktop –

(click an image below to view it in more detail)

 1.  Click the dropdown arrow in the top right of your Facebook account screen, then select “Settings”.

Facebook - How to Get to Account Settings


2.  Select “Followers” from the menu options on the left side of the screen. Then set “Who Can Follow Me” to “Everybody”.

Facebook Followers set to Everybody to receive messages


If “Who Can Follow Me” is not set to “Everybody” then non-friends may not be able to message each other.



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