Monthly Maintenance

Off the Wall Social Media offers a number of options to help businesses maintain their overall online presence, including website and social media management, from providing basic maintenance for profiles, to complete full-service posting to all social media outlets and blog content creation. We can employ social media tracking and management systems for the business’ updates and help to maintain a strong and consistent online and social media presence.

Services Provided in Management / Maintenance Packages:

  • General maintenance of Social Media Profiles
    • Review and clean-up of Direct Messages / Inbox Messages
    • Delete / block unwanted Spam
    • Accept / Decline Friend and Follow-Back requests
  • Publishing updates to networks (daily, weekly, etc.)
    • Creation and Distribution of Promotional/Newsy Updates
    • Creation and Distribution of Relationship Building Updates
  • Audience Building
    • Passive
    • Active
    • Strategic / Aggressive
  • Engagement and Interaction with fans/followers
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Completely Managed
  • Website Management
    • Content Creation – Blog Posts
    • Regular Website Updates
    • Static Pages updated for currency
    • Platform updates (WordPress)
  • Reputation Management
    • Basic
    • Advanced
  • Customer Service
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Fully Managed
  • Social Media Planning
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Highly Strategic
  • Live Event Social Media Promotion
  • Other online services, as determined by OTW and client

Exact activities are chosen based on client needs and budget.



Monthly Maintenance Packages require a minimum 3 months to properly gauge level of activity and engagement, and require active profiles (see Consulting and Set-Up Services if profiles need to be set up).  For a full service listing, detailing all services provided with each package, contact us directly.

FIZZ Package
The Fizz (Basic) Monthly Maintenance package will provide you with: basic maintenance of Social Media Profiles, with profile management to keep things running smoothly, and passive audience building.

FUZZ Package
In between just a little Fizz and a lot of Buzz, we have the Fuzz Monthly Maintenance package. This package offers all the services in the Basic Monthly Maintenance package. This is a support service package where we work along side of you, and assist you with content creation & distribution, audience building & reputation management on your social media networks.

BUZZ Package
The Buzz (Standard) Monthly Maintenance package is an entry-level full-service package where we assist you with content creation & distribution, basic audience building & reputation management. The Buzz Package includes: advanced management of social media profiles, profile management, reputation management and audience building.

BIZZ Package
If you want to step up from creating BUZZ to really serious social media promotion, the BIZZ Monthly Maintenance package is for you! This package offers all the services in the BUZZ Monthly Maintenance package and much more. This is a full service package. Features include: aggressive audience building, reputation management, content creation & distribution, customer service, basic competitor monitoring, etc…

Do you have a large following already? Or are you looking to invest heavily into the social media market and need someone to manage all the details for you? The Pizzazz Monthly Maintenance Package is a custom package created just for you and your business. In this package we will work closely with your marketing team to develop & manage your online presence across the social web.


Virtual Assistant & Support Packages – as low as $175 per month
We provide short-term and long-term solutions for social media and website management support. These smaller packages are generally designed for quick updates, fix-ups, or quarterly maintenance on your website or social profiles. However, we can shift these same packages to work around a particular event or for a different period of time. The tasks performed can also be customized to some degree. In addition, these bundles offer a slight cost saving, compared with our standard hourly rates. Ask us for more details!


Are you a Not-For-Profit Organization? We work with non-profits, too!


If your social media strategy is not yet planned and implemented, consider our Consulting & Set-Up services.


Pricing subject to change – contact directly for most recent listing. revised 3/1/16

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