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Website Set-Up via TEMPLATES and Customization

Off the Wall Social Media Management offers three Blog Setup Packages to choose from, all of which will launch your business blog and provide you will all you need to start blogging right away. We are not graphic or website designers or developers, but we can provide the basics to get you going, with good quality basic customization and set-up.

The choice of package depends on how much you want to have in place right away to reduce hassles later.

In addition to the 3 choices of Blog Setup Packages, we have optional add-ons for individual customizing, consultation, or training if you want more guidance or more customization of your site.


BASIC Blog Set-Up – contact for pricing
With the BASIC Blog Set-Up Package, we will:

  • install the latest version of WordPress (requires a hosting account on a wordpress.org-friendly hosting service).
    • **NOTE: If you do not already have hosting, a hosting must be purchased from my partner in order to provide easiest integration and quality of service. I will not set-up or provide any support to blog sites hosted at Yahoo. If you currently use Yahoo to host your site, you will need to get hosting with a different service.
  • install up to 3 themes you pick from any of the free WordPress theme sites (or a professional theme you’ve purchased)
  • setup your permalink structure to improve SEO of your site
  • install standard plugins to work with your theme to improve functionality of your site and ease of use.
  • create up to 5 pages (static pages such as ‘About’, ‘Contact’, etc.) for you to post your text (you provide page titles and the order in which you want them to appear)
  • set up easy administration access so you don’t have to remember how to find the log in page
  • provide a video tutorial for basic instruction on how to use your site.

BASIC Blog-Set-Up Benefits:

  • Proper set-up of WordPress and blog databases, so you can start blogging right away.
  • Proper theme set-up so you can test up to 3 templates and find out what works best for you.
  • Proper set-up of permalinks and basic blog structure, ideal for search engine optimization and ease of navigation on the blog.
  • Properly installed, verified and activated plug-ins, working for you, to make your blogging experience easy and efficient
  • Proper set-up of necessary static pages, so you don’t have to figure out how to set them up before you even understand how the blog works.
  • Easy access to the administration dashboard for your blog.
  • Not having to “figure out” everything on your own. Every template or theme is different, and each has its own nuances and details. If you are not aware of these from the start, learning how to use your blog can be extremely frustrating. Having, individual hands-on consultation / training from me can save you time and frustration!

NOTE: “Basic Blog Setup” isn’t the top-of-the-line blog design (which can easily cost thousands of dollars). BASIC is website/blog SETUP with minimal design or customization…the minimum of what you’ll need to get going with your professional or personal blog. Your blog will include all the most necessary gadgets, apps and widgets, without all of the extra, sometimes unnecessary, fluff that can become overwhelming without a lot of advantages for beginner bloggers.

STANDARD Blog Set-Up – contact for pricing
With the STANDARD Blog Set-Up Package, we will:

  • Provide all services from the BASIC Blog Set-Up Package, plus:
  • install a premium, professional theme (from iThemes or StudioPress).
  • install advanced plugins to work with your theme
  • install Backup Buddy Plugin for easy backup and migration
  • install an appropriate Mobile plugin so your site will be accessible by iphone/smartphone
  • configure spam protection (requires a free WordPress.com user account)
  • install your logo or image in sidebar or header
  • provide a video tutorial of our specific site, for instruction on use of your new website.

STANDARD Blog Set-Up Benefits:

  • Assurance that the premium theme you choose will work properly and easily because it was designed by professionals who make their living designing blogs!
  • Confidence in a professional, crisp, clean (and creative) image.
  • Plans for growth built-in by way of advanced plug-ins. Blog will already be prepared to grow as soon as you are.
  • Ultimate accessibility for the blog by having a mobile-friendly site without having to recreate anything.
  • Simple, automatic method to backup your site, making it easy to restore your site, or migrate it to a new host, so there is no worry about losing your customizations, content, comments or special settings.
  • Freedom from the messy, unprofessional comments and problems caused by spam robots, preserving your image in the community.
  • Branding maintained by having your logo prominently displayed and your blog matching your business website and other social media profiles.

** Please note, the above blog setup packages (Basic & Standard) are for basic setup. In general, they do not include searching for a theme for you, arranging your hosting or working out problems with your hosting provider or domain registrar, or making design changes to your theme.

If you want help with additional items, such as:

  • changing font, font color, or font style;
  • changing background color or image;
  • changing or installing images (beyond installing the logo included in the FULL Blog Set-Up Package);
  • configuring widgets in sidebar;
  • editing header size to fit specifications of theme;
  • editing graphics or photos to fit the theme;
  • creating a contact form;
  • researching and selecting themes;
  • setting up hosting or domain registration;
  • verifying hosting services

you will need to arrange for customization.

Additional Option: one-half (1/2) hour consultation for basic customizations from the list above, prior to site set-up….contact for pricing


Rather than adding on multiple add-ons to a STANDARD Blog Set-Up, we also offer a FULL Blog Set-Up Package.

FULL Blog Set-Up – contact for pricing
With the FULL Blog Set-Up Package, we will:

  • Provide all services from the BASIC and STANDARD Blog Set-Up Packages, plus:
  • Research and choosing appropriate themes for your selection;
  • Set up hosting or domain registration as necessary;
  • Verify hosting services;
  • Customize chosen theme, matching fonts and colors to business images;
  • Editing header size to fit theme specifications;
  • Editing graphics or other images as needed for theme set-up;
  • Configuring widgets in the sidebar and/or footer;

FULL Blog Set-Up Benefits:

  • Nothing for you to do other than choosing between a few templates, and providing us some basic information. We fill in all the blanks and provide you with a completely operational blog, start to finish.

**If you want a custom designed site, such as taking an existing site and converting it to WordPress, please contact me directly.


Secure Your Domain Name

Just need help getting your domain secured for your business? Maybe you need an email set-up for your business? We can help with that, too! Contact us for details!



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