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Why did 115k people watch the BuzzFeed Talcum Powder Balloon video?

Jun 24, 2016   //   by Raylene   //   Blog, Facebook  //  Comments Off on Why did 115k people watch the BuzzFeed Talcum Powder Balloon video?

BuzzFeed Talcum Powder Balloon Video (Facebook LIVE)

So this happened today, and I watched it as it was unfolding:

BuzzFeed was on Facebook Live, trying to pop a huge balloon filled with talcum powder.


I watched The Talcum Powder Balloon video from about 1/2 way through the balloon filling.  I just saw it in my news feed while scrolling (as you do) and was intrigued enough to stop and watch.

When I started watching, there were only (yah, ‘only’) a few thousand people viewing the video live, and the balloon was a LONG way from popping.

When the balloon finally popped, there were something like 115,000 people watching!!!!!


Waiting (and waiting…) for the balloon to pop

Several times throughout the live video, my daughter (who was watching with me) and I mused about why we were watching the video.  A few minutes later, we wondered, out loud and with no good answers, why were STILL watching the video, even though the balloon still had not popped.   Read more >>

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