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Off the Wall – Where Did That Come From?

Oct 1, 2012   //   by Raylene   //   Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on Off the Wall – Where Did That Come From?

We’re often asked about our business name “Off the Wall Social Media Management”. The name came about in a funny way.

While I was completing my first round of social media manager training, I was also working hard to establish everything we’d need for our business to launch.  I spent about 2 weeks very carefully strategizing and considering options for our name and branding. I had LOTS of good ideas, but nothing that really FIT. No ONE name stood out and I was beginning to get a little frustrated with the process. Read more >>

Off the Wall?

Mar 29, 2011   //   by Raylene   //   Uncategorized  //  2 Comments

“Off the wall”?  Well, OK, I’ll admit it!  But I’m only a ‘little’ off the wall!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I appreciate the unique, different, even weird things in life.  I’m a champion of the individuality of people – be yourself, and do a good job of it!  I’ve never been called  strange, but weird is a term I often apply to myself, because we’re all a little weird in our own way.  I am quite comfortable in my weirdness.  “Off the wall” is very safe territory for me!

Let’s face it – right now, things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., are pretty new, weird, different.  They are becoming more mainstream in many parts of the world, but here in Southern Alberta, where the deer and the buffalo still play, social media is a little unconventional, out there, “off the wall”.

Many people have said, “Raylene, you live your life online, don’t you?”  That’s probably a fairly accurate statement! While I do have a very active REAL life, I share a LOT of what I do with my family and friends online, via Facebook, twitter and my blog. We’ve lived far away from friends and family for most of our married life, and I have always enjoyed keeping up with all those people I love in any way I can.  These days, the easiest and fastest ways for me to connect with them is through these social media outlets.  Getting info about my friends’ daily life, milestones celebrations, and even sorrows and tragedy, is as easy as checking out their Facebook walls.  So, I get a lot of news about important people in my life “off the wall”.

Off the Wall

Not to mention that I am, in fact, a Wall – Raylene WALL. Cheesy, maybe, but it’s TRUE! Do you know how many Wall jokes I’ve heard since I became a Wall almost 14 years ago?  Probably every one that is out there, believe me!

These kinds of things are the inspiration for my business, Off the Wall Social Media Management.  I’ll be “off the wall” so you don’t have to be!  I’ll help you get information about your business out into the social media world so potential customers, clients, donors can grab that info “off the wall”. And your business will be spring-boarded by the services I provide and the knowledge gained  “off the Wall” (the Wall being ME)!

Welcome to Off the Wall!

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