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What is Social Media Management?

May 11, 2011   //   by Raylene   //   Blog  //  3 Comments

In Social Media Unjumbled, I described social media in general and provided some videos for more specifics on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and YouTube.

So, you know a bit (or maybe a lot) about social media, but you’re still not sure what Social Media Management is exactly.

Social Media Chart
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Simply put, Social Media Management helps find, put together, and keep together, all of the MANY pieces of your social media marketing puzzle. And there are indeed many pieces to manage!

As we saw before, social media is not just Twitter and Facebook.  Social media includes many different forms, such as blogs, video sharing, podcasting, message boards, review sites, forums and more.  Pretty much any place online where there is the ability to post user-generated content is social media!

Social bookmarking (Stumble, Digg, etc.) and geolocation applications (Foursquare, Gowalla, etc.) are also becoming more popular in the social media world. Whether bookmarking a website or blog they want to be able to find again, or visiting a retailer or business location where they want to find their friends, more people are keeping track almost everything online and sharing that with others. That is all part of social media, too.

The number of different ways available for users to share information and create content is staggering, amazing, even astounding, and not to mention that they are changing on a continual basis.

Now, this is not meant to overwhelm or discourage you. I’m just giving you a glimpse into how much is going on in social media, and how these various avenues can potentially be used to effectively build your business.

When looking at all the various sources involved in social media, it’s easy to see how Social Media Management can aid you in reaching more people than you might have ever expected before.  A Social Media Manager makes it possible for you to focus on what you do – your business, products and services – by being available to manage the social media outlets and avenues that you may or may not be aware of, as a means of promoting your business to a wider audience. Read more >>

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