Off the Wall Social Media Privacy & Confidentiality Policy


The information collected by Off the Wall Social Media Management via secure online forms, emails, Facebook Private Messages, Twitter Direct Messages, LinkedIn messages, telephone conversations, etc., is for the use of Off the Wall Social Media Management to evaluate the online presence of an individual or business, and / or to set-up services, and / or to maintain online profiles, as requested by the individual or business. All information will be kept secure, will not be shared (e.g., with a 3rd party contractor working with Off the Wall Social Media) without your express permission, and will not be sold at any time. We take your privacy very seriously and will always take measures to ensure your information is safe with us.



Off the Wall Social Media Management will herein after be referred to as “Off the Wall”. “Off the Wall” will be used to designate any and all parties representing Off the Wall Social Media Management, including owners, employees, contractors, etc.

During Off the Wall’s employment or business relationship with each Client, and any time thereafter, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Off the Wall agrees to keep confidential and never disclose, use, misappropriate, or confirm or deny the veracity of, any statement or comment concerning client, or any of its Confidential Information.

The phrase ‘Confidential Information’ as used in this policy, includes but is not limited to, any and all information which is not generally known to the public, related to or concerning: (a) the business activities, dealings or interests of client and/or its officers, directors, affiliates, employees or contractors; client’s employment practices or policies applicable to its employees and/or contractors; and, any confidential information, knowledge and know-how, concerning the operations, products, services, procedures, or customers of client, in any format whatsoever, including, without limitation, the techniques, formulations, organization, design, implementation, preparation and other operations, methods, and accumulated experiences incidental thereto, and further including, without limitation, information relating to marketing techniques, advertising, policies, procedures, promotions, customer lists, membership lists, mailing lists, registration cards, sales records, concepts, ideas, trade secrets, other proprietary information, training materials, teaching aids, and/or research of client. Further, any and all Confidential Information which by its nature is confidential or which client, in its sole and absolute discretion, designates as such shall be deemed Confidential Information for purposes of this Policy.

During Off the Wall’s employment or business relationship with client, and thereafter, Off the Wall is obligated to refrain from giving or participating in any interview(s) regarding or related to client, Off the Wall’s employment or business relationship with client and/or any matter which concerns, relates to or involves any Confidential Information.

Off the Wall further understands and agrees that any disclosure or misappropriation of any of the Confidential Information at any time in violation of this Policy will cause client irreparable harm. Thus, Off the Wall understands and agrees that since monetary damages will not be sufficient to avoid all harm and/or compensate for the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Information, injunctive or other equitable relief would be appropriate to prevent any improper actual or threatened use or disclosure of the Confidential Information or breach of this Release. Accordingly, Off the Wall hereby consents to the entry of an injunction, without the need to post a bond, prohibiting any conduct by Off the Wall in violation of this Policy.

In the event that all or any portion of this Policy is held unreasonable, overly-broad, void, vague or illegal by any court or agency having competent jurisdiction in a proceeding in which client is a party, the court or agency shall be empowered to revise and/or construe said covenant so as to permit it to fall within permissible legal limits. Off the Wall expressly agrees to be bound by any such revised covenant as if it were originally set forth herein.

Policy Agreed To and Accepted by Off the Wall Social Media Management, Lethbridge, AB.

Policy Revised May 2014

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